Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bad blog pitches- anyone else get these thrilling emails?

I am sure I am not the only one who has been targeted by well meaning MBA spam. I'm talking about the numerous new websites, test prep, case prep, admissions prep, that have popped up on the web and the emails I received asking me to review/advertise them. These are mostly started by enterprising MBAs who clearly skipped the class on communication. Now, I will partially blame business school. We're beaten over the head (metaphorically) until we can produce a perfect business introduction email and a perfect informational interview email, but there is a lack of understanding of social media. It wasn't until I was doing training on social media at work this week that I was able to more clearly elucidate why these unsolicited emails piss me off.
1) You have never before commented on my blog.
2) I DO have my email on the blog, it's just hidden, which means you haven't actually taken the time to read my blog and are just commenting on the first entry. At least the last email I received admitted he just found me on a google search.
3) Assuming that promoting MBA websites was the sort of thing I did (it isn't, see #2 about actually reading my blog) some of the websites SUCK. THEY ARE NOT GOOD. Why would I promote something that is not useful? Actually, an email I received recently was for a very useful service, but one that I consider morally questionable - basically helping people shortcut around case readings.
I give all due credit to my new job for assisting me in properly focusing my anger.
Fellow bloggers what do you think? Are you annoyed? Pleased? Ambivalent about this?


Deadhedge said...

I know which email you're talking about. I got it along with spam from Jerry the recruiter advertising medical sales jobs so in comparison it sucked less.

It ranked as a 4 on the annoying scale. I also realized that they brought probably bad press to themselves since their marketing campaign via MBA blog spam was so transparent.

However, I have typically gotten good proposals via the bog so that one seemed to be more the exception.

paragon2pieces said...

I've seen an uptick in these types of solicitations recently and I have been assuming that all of this entrepreneurial spirit is a result of the bad market for more conventional MBA jobs.

JulyDream said...

I have a file for these emails/comments and typically have the best of intentions to write a response. More often than not, they just sit in the file. I understand wanting to get to the influencers, but you have to have something we want and like you, most of us write to write.

Well written post.

IIBS said...

Yes, this is very much true. We need to be very cautious while dealing with such spam emails, and message on web. Many fake business colleges come up now and then, and they send emails to pupils to attract them to the donjon. So, here in Business school Bangalore students are given instructions to be cautious to those kind of fake emails, where in some emails talk about a price money won or free scholarship been given by say, Bill Gates or some one who is a big shot. Please people don’t get attracted to such kind of junk emails, instead inform about them to your countries cyber police, the rest they will take care of.

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Cheryl said...

I know I'm a little late on this one, but I share your sentiments. Unfortunately, many folks have reacted to the job market conditions by blindly, and discourtesously filling others' inboxes (including ours, apparently) with poorly conceived requests of help. While I agree that some of the fault lies with our programs' lack of emphasis on communication, I would argue that a lot of folks "made their own beds" so to speak. Throughout my schooling, I watched many blow off the content of communications courses as being less important. People rolled their eyes in speech and business writing classes, and the urgings of career management departments to contact anyone and everyone doesn't help matters.

I stand by the idea that it's better to focus your beam--go deep, not wide, when you're starting your search or your new business. The depth will spread more easily than the bredth will dig in.

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