Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is what I think of when I am preparing for an interview.

Do they like me? Do I like them? Should I be playing hard to get? Should I show more interest? Do I have food on my face? I think if I was still dating, instead of being comfortably settled with the same man for more than seven years, I would be a little less nervous about interviewing. I DO really like the company I have been interviewing with this past week, I don't have to pretend there. What a stressful situation interviewing is! I know it's an overused analogy but it totally still works.

I hope the perfect... job is ready for me!


JulyDream said...

Ahhh! Don't remind me of the anxiety!! I'm not looking forward to recruiting season and our updated resumes are due on the 10th. Guess I have some hmwk to do.


Cheryl said...

Great choice of a clip. That is far too accurate.

Diep said...

I am in the process of applying for a job, too and I find this post very very accurate. How did your job search go? Did you find a perfect match?