Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is what I think of when I am preparing for an interview.

Do they like me? Do I like them? Should I be playing hard to get? Should I show more interest? Do I have food on my face? I think if I was still dating, instead of being comfortably settled with the same man for more than seven years, I would be a little less nervous about interviewing. I DO really like the company I have been interviewing with this past week, I don't have to pretend there. What a stressful situation interviewing is! I know it's an overused analogy but it totally still works.

I hope the perfect... job is ready for me!

Friday, July 17, 2009

MBA speak

I probably wrote about this before, but my strategy professor had a list of banned words in her classroom. The banned word that has stuck in my mind is "synergy." Many of my classmates and I had just spent a module in "Mergers and Acquisitions" trying to using the word synergy as often as Obama dropped the word "hope" (it WAS the module during the election) before stepping into Corporate Strategy.
Over some burgers the other night before seeing HP6 we ended up discussing swimming trunks somehow which of course led to talk of Speedos. One of my dinner companions mentioned how he enjoyed his speedo swimming trunks as they did a great suit that was a mixture of leisure and performance. Another dinner companion who doesn't like to be mentioned in this blog - let's call him "husband" interjected. He said that Speedo has a negative connotation as a brand, particularly for its... squeezing/ performance properties. I disagreed... and then MBAspeak took over my tongue and I said something about the brand transcended its original meaning to appeal - with still a performance mindset to a much broader audience. Dinner companion 1 (not "husband") turned and said, wow, you can tell you've just received an MBA. I have no doubt that whatever I said was probably meaningless bsing, but at least my degree has at the very least given me the ability to impress PhDs over burgers.
Speedo undoubtedly has a few MBAs scattered in its ranks, likely including the person who wrote this:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Attempting to be a green carnivore

One of the best parts about moving to a small town (ok, people keep telling me Cambridge is a city and I keep not believing them) is having access to local deliciousness. The farmers market every Sunday morning has fantastic local products, including my favorite, ostrich.
While I was in business school I actually ate a lot of carbs because carbs (i.e. pasta and bread) are cheap. However, my body suffered for it and since I started on this "caveman" diet I've had a lot more energy. One of my constant internal battles has been knowing that eating a lot of meat is not good for the environment. Though my stomach suffered a bit from all the pasta, my wallet and my sense of being good to the environment kept my conscious happy. When I moved over to the UK, I discovered ostrich is actually an incredibly delicious RED meat. That's right, it tastes like steak. I thought this had to be too good to be true. I did a little research and it turns out that ostrich is a much "greener" meat as well, given the bird itself used less land than cattle and its feed (alfalfa based) is better for keeping land arable. AND the farm is local of course! In short, I found a happy medium between staying fit and being green.
Interesting blog post: