Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's a work day

After spending the better part of Friday simply existing in my new summer house - that is, house I will dwell in for the summer, not "summer home" ala Hamptons hideaway - I need to get some more reading done today. I spent about 2.5 hours last night sending in some job applications and setting up some new job alerts. I really need to be out there meeting people and setting up informational interviews but it is very difficult to determine who the sustainability people are within organizations. Oh, sorry - organisations. I have to practice writing in British now. Everytime I think I have finally covered all my bases in the job search - 3 more sources pop up. Annoyingly they generally cover the same positions, but every once in awhile one source will produce a job the others don't. I'm still searching for the appropriate group/ club to join here on CSR like the "women in microfinance" group I was a member of in DC. Sadly I am going to miss a great Georgetown networking opportunity as I am attending a wedding in Berlin. I'm very excited to see Berlin though! If anyone out there in cyberspace knows of some networking groups for CSR/sustainability in London, shoot me an email.


Out on a Limb said...

The London Business School Responsible Business Club is quite active and often posts to the job boards. Would you be interested in connecting with them?

HairTwirler said...