Friday, April 24, 2009

When I see puppies, I think of my marketing professor

I have Marley and Me on right now and I can only think of one thing. Professor Homa, one of the most brilliant marketing professors at Georgetown. One of the biggest creative check marks I earned in business school was from Prof. Homa on a little project entitled Dewey the Cat. Dewey is a Cat, not unlike Marley, the dog, who is not a pet, but a brand sensation. There are only a few books a year that support the entire industry. Marley was one of them. Dewey is another. The brilliance of the marketing is that the books are not just paper and binding, they are a story. A story that speaks to a large segment of the population about unconditional love. About the bond between humans and their furry friends. The authors of these books were able to communicate this love in a way that spoke to so many people that it became a sensation, again - a brand, rather than a book. The book becomes a movie, a tv series, a childrens' version, a stuffed animal. Animals are the human marketing sensation.

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