Monday, April 27, 2009

Please hire me

This is what the opening to my cover letter says:
Please accept this letter and my accompanying C.V. in consideration for the X position...
I am earning my MBA to expand my general management knowledge and gain more experience in the non-profit sector. Working for an organisation with the mission to transform non-profits is my ideal way to apply the knowledge and skills I have gained in business school...
I hope to work as part of the X team to help non-profits become more impactful institutions.
What I would like to say:
PLEEEEEASE hire me...
I don't know why I am still in this MBA program but I vaguely remember it was because I wanted to help people. Your company is so amazing and I could actually apply the power point skills I learned in business school and I would actually accept the pittance you call an annual salary...
You actually help people. Well you help people to help people, which is more than most jobs can boast. So please, I will work unpaid overtime, take extra projects and pretend like I'm working for an American company vacation wise if you'll only hire me! I need a job! I love you... I mean your company.


Ameya said...

:) - All the best!

uma said...


This is a really exciting post:)
Very well written!

How could I get in touch with you?

Also, wish you very good luck!

Keep blogging,

Uma Abraham