Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fading Out

I remember this time last year when I was giving a Yale 2nd year a hard time (via his blog) about how he didn't post anymore! Well, MaybeMBA is doing a fantastic job keeping up with what has been going on during her 2nd year, as my enthusiasm for the MBA has faded, so has my willingness to blog. Not that I have been filling my time with worthwhile endeavors. I must admit I have spent a fair bit of time watching too much Netflix. (Spooks aka MI-5 is an AWESOME show, btw.) Also, I need a job. Oh wait, and more importantly than that, I am getting married in 35 days. (Thank you wedding website countdown.) Due to impending nuptials, I am taking a lightened courseload this module. Frankly, I deserve it, I almost killed myself in the fall by taking ridiculous classes I barely understood simultaneously.
This module I am taking Models of Leadership, Defending the Bottom Line, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Models of Leadership is taught by the dean, and has served as an interesting summary of the many models and lessons for organizational change and leadership I have studied in other courses. This week we start having guest speakers - our first is the commander of one of my classmates who helped turn Walter Reed around. Gotta love DC and the military action we get every day. Sometimes I forget what it's like NOT to ride the metro with dozens of uniformed individuals every day.
Defending the Bottom Line is a bit of a public speaking/ mind game class. We have to give press conferences and defend corporate decisions. We also have to take the role of the press for some classes, which I think is the more entertaining part of the course. On other side of the role we get a good idea of how corporations can effectively or ineffectively handle crises.
My third class is actually a self-designed tutorial. Georgetown did not have a course on CSR so I made one, and host a seminar style class with 9 other second years once a week. So far we have discussed AngloGold and the company's HIV/AIDS program and Starbucks and how they dealt with activists. Next week we are looking at Ben & Jerry's and the case on how they have maintained a social mission post-acquistion.
That's about all for now. The cherry blossoms are once again in bloom in DC. Today marks the end of peak bloom and by Monday they will almost certainly be blown away due to the windy city DC has become this week.

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MaybeMBA said...

Oh, I hear you. Do you think you'll keep blogging post-MBA? Can't decide what to do myself. Not sure why I blog in the first place! ... but that's another story :) Congrats on your pending nuptials! Hope it is fantastic.