Saturday, March 7, 2009

3 weeks in Brazil

I am typing from my cute little Acer Aspire at the hostel in Foz do Iguacu in Brazil. I just finished a week in Sao Paulo on Georgetown's Global Integrative experience. My group of five classmates did an analysis of growth potential and opportunities for the domestic branch of an international PR firm. The presentation was well received and the clients themselves were amazing. The Finance Director in particular was a fantastic time - he took us to his favorite neighborhood restaurant and spent a lot of time talking to us and asking us things such as whether the greek system is real and why American bikinis are so big. Hilarious! Tomorrow we are going to the falls and being tourists before heading onto Rio. I cannot wait to get back to Rio and the significant other. A week of mandatory fun with 65 people and mediocre hotel food can be a bit much. The hotel was fantastic though! It's a bit of a shock to go from the 4 star business hotel to the hostel. However, here internet is free!!