Saturday, February 14, 2009


This weekend is the 20th Annual U4 Basketball Tournament hosted by Georgetown. It's a fundraiser for Teach for America and one of the Georgetown MBA program's biggest events of the year. As one of my best friends at the business school is an organizer, I was of course on duty for a shift keeping score and time. I think some of the players (well some of the people WITH the players) were under the impression that I was familiar with details of the game such as why the ref would give a 1-1 free throw shot versus 2 points automatically. Clearly, they were mistaken. The only sports games I usually have any interest in watching/ attending are those in which my professional athlete sibling participates. It is a great deal of fun to see one's last name running up and down. Today was a lot of fun though! The undergrad refs were incredibly professional - they did have to give a bench foul to Columbia at one point. Sadly, there was no penalty for running into the scorekeeper's table and knocking over her coffee, otherwise Duke would have been docked at least 5 points.

Watching MBAs play basketball was not unlike watching a really intense group meeting. Occasionally the ref would have to tell both teams to basically shut up and start playing again when a combination of over-strategizing, testosterone and leadership plays started to delay the game. The other scorekeeper and I couldn't help giggling though a good chunk of the game as obvious MBA characteristics came bubbling to the surface.

Now I have to work on my HR paper so that I can go to the party tonight!

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