Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear Starbucks,

My level of annoyance with Starbucks has reached an all time high today. About a month ago my friends introduced me to the concept of a tea misto, a tea bag and mainly steamed milk for $2.00. At a slight premium over a regular tea, it was a nice way to add some extra calcium and a warm treat to my day. So I went into Starbucks today and ordered the tea misto. It has now been removed from the menu and replaced with a "tea latte." I was served the EXACT same beverage I ordered last week and charged $1.00 more.
Dear Starbucks,
This is bull-oney. I have stretched my Starbucks gift card from Christmas for almost an entire month.
I enjoy my little treats and do not enjoy suddenly paying a 50% premium. I was incredibly happy with your guerrilla marketing campaign when I received a $5 gift card for telling your marketing people they had a Starbucks cup on the car roof.
A Former Loyal Customer