Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I never thought I would be this excited about a first round interview, but searching for a job in England from Washington, DC is a bit challenging at times and I actually broke through the barriers to get a first round interview with a large consulting firm. WOO HOO. It's not until the 2nd week in January so I have plenty of time to prepare over the holidays. The tide of rejections has stemmed at least temporarily.
So luckily the person I just spoke to on the phone will not be my interviewer, she's just a scheduler. Because... whenever I get a call from an unknown number 99 times out of 100 it's my fiancé. He is currently hanging out at Heathrow airport waiting to get on a flight to visit so I expected a call at some point! I leap across the apartment and answer the phone with a "helloooo." And was greeted by a very British accent "Um, hello, am I speaking to Jamey?"
My thought: oh crap, there's been an accident, my fiancé is lying in a hospital somewhere and I'm the last phone call he made so they're calling me because Brits would never be able to figure out what "Mom" "Dad" or "Home" are in his native tongue. Huge lump in throat...
Luckily about half a second later I heard the beautiful words "I'm calling from large firm."
HALLELUJAH! The email I received the other day was not a clerical error, I actually DID get an interview!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Starbucks Promotion

I was crossing the street near the Australian Embassy today and a car was parked at the stoplight. I noticed a Starbucks cup on top of the car. It was a little weird because when the car stopped, the cup didn't move. However, I still yelled out to the car and pointed to the cup. The driver leaned out the window and said "Thanks! We're looking for Good Samaritans today. Happy Holidays!" and handed me a $5 gift certificate.
Apparently it was also a Zipcar promotion day, as there was a flier included with my gift certificate.
Yeah for Starbucks!