Thursday, November 13, 2008

5/8 done with my MBA

We are in week 3 of Module 2, which technically means that I am more than 5/8 of the way through my MBA. I decided to overload this module - I am taking 5 classes instead of the 4 required. One of my classes is Advanced Marketing Strategy. The fact that I am enrolled in this class at all is one of the surprising twists and turns of my MBA degree. My "focus" is not one at all, I am sticking vaguely to a general management track with a smattering of Net Impact classes. My new found interest in marketing took me by surprise for a number of reasons.
1) I think most professional advertising representatives are full of it.
2) The concept of brand equity in an annual report with a value of millions of dollars is fascinating to me. (In a bad way.)
3) I am fairly confident I was in the bottom quartile of my basic marketing class grade wise.
However, last module I took Consumer Behavior and completed a video ethnography project on greenwashing of organic food that I got an A on! I started taking marketing a bit more seriously. I am now enrolled in one of the more deliverable heavy marketing classes at the MSB. We have a power point due almost every class session and also quantitative based deliverables on CLTV and calculating items such as the total advance fee that should be paid to an author.
Shockingly enough I have found that I LIKE marketing.

I am taking the perfect general management mix this module - besides Advanced Marketing Strategy I am taking Project Finance, Global Strategy, Leading Organizational Change, and Climate Change. I'm big on "change" this mod - changing culture at firms, changing the way businesses deal with the environment and learning how to fund it (Project Finance).

On the job front I continue to plug away at trying to find employment in London. Job prospects in the UK are not much better than in the US, but I will keep trying!

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