Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ode to My Smithies

I went to Smith College for my bachelor's degree. The longer I spend in business school the more I realize what a blessing it was that I had the opportunity to be surrounded by a such a fantastic group of smart, supportive women for 3+ years. I was reminded of this today when I bumped into the other Smithie in my MBA class at the coffee shop near the Car Barn. We mused about how the Smith name has helped us break through doors or get more attention at Career Fairs. I am lucky enough to have found a great group of very smart women at Georgetown to challenge me as well, but this post is dedicated to my Smithies. :)
Cheers to my 6 best friends from Smith. By the time we're 30 we will have a JD, a Master's in American Studies, a Master's in Nursing, a Ph.D. in biology, 2 MBAs, and a Master's degree in International Relations between us.

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