Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mmm crabcakes

For my consumer behavior class my teammates and I drove down to southern Maryland to where my parents have their retirement house. We filmed a group of "aware" consumers on their thoughts on organic food, their shopping habits and what "organic" really means. We got some GREAT footage, which we reviewed today. My favorite has to be a former FDA toxicologist talking about how she doesn't believe any organic labels mean anything and she knows it's not healthier! We learned a LOT about pesticides, fungicides and why you should really be more concerned with genetically modified food. We also learned that coffee has more carcinogens in one cup than you will consume in your entire life from pesticides on fruit and vegetables- at least the ones in the U.S.
The best part of the day was of course the opportunity to eat a crabcake for lunch. One of my teammates is a native of Maryland so we chowed down on well deserved delicious crabcakes from Stoney's after we finished filming. Mmmmm. In Consumer Behavior class we learned this is called "self-rewarding" and is a typically American behavior. I'm OK with that.

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