Friday, September 12, 2008

Yea who shall volunteer shall reap the rewards

The Graduate Women in Business Club had our mentor/ mentee wine tasting event yesterday evening. Two of my best friends were running the event so I got there a little early to help set up, then took charge of the clean-up with one of the only male members of GWIB. Thus, I was able to capitalize on the leftovers and scored 1.5 bottles of Pinot Noir.

I'm getting married in May and am trying this new diet called "too busy to eat." I'm teaching a GMAT class 3 days a week and taking one of my classes in the evening as well. Given this schedule I don't have much time for cooking. I solved the problem this week by making a Tex-Mex casserole Sunday night which I am slowly working through. I also have enough carrots and tomatoes floating around my refrigerator to satisfy a family of rapidly reproducing rabbits.

In employment news, many of the Georgetown MBAs are busy preparing for the large career fairs that will be in DC this year. BOTH Black MBA (NBMBAAAA? Can't remember the acronym!) and Reaching Out (The Gay Conference) are in DC. It's a fantastic opportunity for the DC area schools to make an early impression with employers. I went to the Hispanic conference in Houston last year which wasn't a really valuable experience for me. As previously discussed in this blog, I had some amazing barbeque but spending $300 for a plane ticket just for bbq is not a wise investment. Even last year I acknowledged I was likely England-bound and asked employers about international recruiting. None, including McKinsey, were very helpful. So I am starting over, going to a job fair in London and continuing my informational interviews. Luckily my marriage comes with immigration benefits so that will make things a bit smoother. I need to turn my resume into a CV (currently in progress) and send in my paperwork in May, but then I will have my very own EEA family permit- unrestricted work authorization and all. Woo hoo!

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4aks said...

Hey Jamey - my brother needs a GMAT prep class, I'll send you a note to find out about yours