Monday, September 15, 2008

Psychology 101

I realized that my blog still thinks I'm in England. Perhaps I didn't change it because that is actually where I WANT to be right now.
In other more class related news, my Consumer Behavior course is an interesting class in basic psychology. My professor is constantly trying to convince us that marketers do not have enough data to manipulate consumers. I'm not entirely buying it, but I know what to say to get a decent grade. Our main deliverable for this class is a video ethnography project. To start on this project we had to go through a video training session (this is the ON button... here is the VOLUME... etc) and then learn how to use iMovie on a mac. HAHA! Take that business school tech support for mocking my mac. While my classmates spend hours in the windowless editing room in the library I will be editing from the comfort of my own apartment.
Score 1 for Georgetown McDonough School mac users! Our victories are infrequent, I'll take what I can get.

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