Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to school

Hello loyal readers. I know you have all been waiting anxiously in the wings for my "back to school" post! (Or not...)

I'm slowly adjusting to life back in DC and at Georgetown. After a summer at a non-profit and bumming around DC (hospitable borderline southerners) and in England (generally friendly to tourists) it was a little shock to be back in the world of professors who think they are God's gift to the business world. Some of my classmates came back humbled from lack of offers and others came back entirely confused as to what direction their career is now headed. And then there are the members of the proud group who have offers and are luxuriously shopping around! I am a little jealous of the security, but am secure in my decision to pick geography (England) over a specialized career focus.

The main reason for my absence from the blogging world has mainly to do with the two events I was running the first two weeks of school. One of the other student government VPs had a fantastic idea which we planned for and implemented the Friday of the first week of school. We had about 200 1st year attendees and 30+ second year speakers. The next week I ran part of a careers days, again for 200+ attendees in conjunction with the Career Management office. This one I ran solo and needed a sizable nap on Friday after it was all over.

Academics are another story. I'm sort of treading water this module. I supposedly have a foundation from last year but goodness, finance was literally six months ago. I barely remember WACC. I'm sure I'll muddle through. My general management course path is proceeding nicely and I think I will have a solid foundation for either consulting or non-profit management.

However, returning to school reminded me of how happy I was working this summer. It is immensely difficult to be here, away from my boyfriend and knowing that I COULD be starting a job right now, had I chosen to go to Cambridge. However, I would also be about $60,000 more in debt. Bleh.

Well back to work. I have an M&A case due Wednesday that I am still quite confused about. And somehow between all this my mother wants me to give a crap about what photographer we have at my wedding reception. I'll try!

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