Monday, August 4, 2008

Taking matters into my own hands

So at the beginning of the summer I had to work remotely to deal with a family issue. My boyfriend wisely pointed out that since working remotely then had gone relatively smoothly, why could I not accompany him back to England for the end of my internship?
So here I am!
I've found a comfortable home at the local Borders/ Starbucks (thank you American capitalist imperialism) where I pay $3 for an iced tea and enjoy a very comfortable chair. I am doing pretty well keeping up with work and hope to complete most of my Kaplan background work before school starts as well. It's slow going through all the lessons for the first time but if I get all this background work done now it should make the first two weeks of school a lot easier!
I also took matters into my own hands on several other issues relating to work. Back in June I asked one of the intern coordinators about starting a lunch series. Apparently one was in the works but stalled. I volunteered to help and was shortly handed the entire enterprise to plan and run. Taking something over does have the distinct benefit of being able to schedule things in a manner most beneficial to yourself. Thus, before I departed the U.S. we had a session with the CFO on microfinance careers and the industry's shift, a talk on commercialization by the deputy director, and a talk on transformation by a senior member of the legal team. Each session was a fantastic learning experience and got my valuable face time with the senior leadership. And I of course remembered to pop thank you notes in their mailboxes before I departed the continent!
The bf's house sort of smells like it is a colony for many types of mold, but despite that feature of this ancient British dwelling, I'm here with him, still managing to work and therefore happy.

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