Sunday, August 17, 2008


So I set my alarm for 3:53 am this morning to get up in enough time to load the BBC page to watch Phelps. I jumped up out of bed and stepped down onto the floor and a curious squelching sound accompanied by a wet feeling between a few toes. I leaped back on the bed, sticking my foot out as if I had stepped in dog poo, which was highly unlikely since I was in my bedroom, and then peeked over the side. Being 4 am, I couldn't see anything of course, so I took a large step over the offending area of the rug and turned on my computer. Keeping a wide berth I squatted down and aimed the computer screen light towards the rug.
It revealed an almost decapitated slug.
This was only the 2nd most disgusting thing I have stepped on with my bare feet. It is a very distant second to stepping on a dozen cockroaches at 2 am in short lived apartment situation in Boston.
After putting the slug out of its misery (that's the last time I leave the unscreened window open at night) and set up my computer for the final race! I'm surprised I didn't wake up the rest of the house yelling "GO GO GO Phelps! GO JASON! GO!" Jason Lezak kicked some major butt again as he did during the 4 x 100 freestyle relay. It was a clutch performance once again.

As the title of this post says, I am officially on vacation. I am kicking back relaxing, maxin all cool. I actually met this British girl Friday night who could sing the entire Fresh Prince rap...
Anyways I will be going into London Friday and likely staying there before catching my flight on Saturday afternoon. I'm having a lovely visit and a relaxing time here, but it is about time to kick my brain back into gear and start classes. I am very excited to see my friends again, most of whom I barely saw this summer due to travel, both fun (family reunion on the beach, being in the UK) and otherwise (funeral, their work).

These Chinese guys are eating very yummy smelling food which is making me hungry. I think I'll go cook dinner now. I bought some ostrich sausage from the farmers market that should be quite tasty.

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