Thursday, August 7, 2008

Go Team USA!

I LOVE the Olympics. Four years ago I was a new resident of Boston and spent every evening and weekend during the two weeks ordering take-out and glued to the TV screen. With a friend, which made it slightly less anti-social. I've already checked out the online streaming coverage on both NBC and the BBC so I can watch Team USA ALL THE TIME! I love that I'm working remotely right now. I'll be watching the opening ceremonies from the Middle Common Room (post grad lounge, complete with leather chairs) at the bf's college tomorrow afternoon.
In my obsessive Olympics coverage stalking I've come across some good stuff from the Washington Post. And some completely silly things as well. Here's a rundown of my favorite Olympic coverage so far:
The Hall of Supreme Harmony Watch this all the way through for an excellent visual on what one staff member thinks of individual rights in China.
Chinese Architecture Did the Olympics really change anything? It's a common theme.
Blinded by the firewall What Chinese THINK the world thinks about Chinese.
Guess these abs Love it.

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