Tuesday, August 5, 2008

England. Rain.

How freaking miserable is it outside? Fairly. Rain, cold, and all I have are open toed sandles, heels and my comfortable yet horribly unattractive running shoes. I have been hiding indoors all day hoping that it clears up at some point so I can go for a run along the River Cam. I like to run in the afternoon and evening, which you can do here because unlike DC it's not 90+ degrees from 12-7 pm.
Other subtle differences- I notice that patrons of my new home (Starbucks, Borders, Market Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom) tend towards the most fattening, heavy items on the menu. The number of people I see walking by with whipped cream laden drinks is astounding. That and chocolate muffins, weird gourmet breads and other "lovely" treats as they say here. Of course, I'm not one to judge as I enjoyed a few pints at the local pub last night.
Work is going well. I created a heat map showing the competitive landscape of MFIs in India using a cool tool on MIXMarket.org and am honing in on a market size for microfinance in Delhi. I also worked with the other intern in the public sector group to develop a briefing sheet for Congress- it's lobbying time!

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