Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back from the Forte Conference

Well I am back into work after a whirlwind trip to NYC for the Forte Conference. I arrived in NYC Thursday afternoon, dropped my luggage off at my friend's apartment, and caught the subway downtown for a Forte dinner. I then met up with some Georgetown MSB friends while they ate dinner and I had a few drinks. Mojitos, yum. Friday morning I went to the "The Hard Truth About Soft Skills" workshop, lunch, a career fair, took a hardcore nap, then went to yoga with my friend. I met up with Georgetown friends at Stanton Social for dinner, then the bf for a drink. (Stanton Social = VERY good.) Saturday morning I had an excellent bagel delivered to W 4th by my friends, then I spoke as part of the "Surviving your first semester" panel.
That's just the outline of my weekend. By Saturday lunch I was exhausted. I bailed from the conference after my panel and went back to my friend's to start my training prep materials for being a Kaplan GMAT instructor! As previously mentioned in my blog, I have been pursuing several employment opportunities for the fall. This was number 1- a success! I auditioned, interviewed and started training in 5 days. Kind of crazy. I also interviewed for a job assisting with the running of a managerial journal. Which I also got woo hoo! However, they lowballed me on the salary so those negotiations are still open.
Now to fill in a few details of the Forte weekend... I was very happy to not only see a few of my 2009 MSB classmates, but a few 2010 and one 2008 grad as well. Go Georgetown! I also met one of my favorite bloggers- July Dream. Out of a room of 200+ women, we sat down at the same table for lunch on Friday! It was really fun to meet one of my fellow bloggers in real life and to recapture some of the excitement I felt right before I started at Georgetown. Sometimes I fall into the jaded zone of existence, but then I remind myself of all the fantastic electives and opportunities of the upcoming year. JulyDream's excitement was a perfect reminder!
Speaking of next year... I will be in the UK for 3+ weeks in August. I decided to work remotely (Dear Bosses, You're great. Best, Hairtwirler) for the close of my internship and stay with the bf. Although August is major vacation time, I hope to set up a few informational interviews to get a head start on my job search for Fall 2009.
Well, time for some GMAT prep... never thought I'd be saying that phrase again!

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Ray said...

congrats on the gmat gig! hopefully this eliminates the rides to the airport scheme :)