Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Notes to self

Notes to self.
Working for a non-profit that doesn't pay definitely provides no moral obligation to stay after 5 pm.
Only living two blocks from work doesn't preclude getting soaked during a summer rainstorm without an umbrella.
My apartment is a disaster. Must get it cleaned before birthday party on Friday night.
Crap, I turn 27 tomorrow.

I started with FINCA on Monday. The work is a bit more challenging than the research I was doing for MERC, but MERC has far superior technology. After working on a brand new mac for weeks I am now working on a really old, really slow PC laptop that I want to throw through a window, if I had one. Although I am technically in a windowless office, it's all glass and faces the windows of the office and I immediately in between cubicles so I actually get more sun than 2 people in cubicles closer to the window.

Yes dear readers, it's the little things.


장지훈 said...

Happy birthday!

Your C&C pal, John.

mba_salsera said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you're enjoying the summer and your internship. It's flying by too quickly, before you know we'll be whining about the car barn again!