Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Readers, particularly those I will meet in real life:

In the upcoming months I will be meeting some of my readers. It's an inevitability. Here are a few tips for when this meeting occurs, gleaned from previous awkwardness.

1) Do not start the conversation with something like "I read you like ice cream." Quoting personal facts about me that I mention on my blog is weird, unless you too are an ice cream fanatic. Then mention so.
2) Do mention that you read my blog in the early part of our conversation. It's weird when we've been talking for 30 minutes and THEN you mention you read my blog every week.
3) Do tell me how much you like my blog. Writers like flattery.
4) Do not mention that you read my blog and Business Week forums in the same sentence. Or even the same conversation. I will find that offensive.
5) Do come introduce yourself. I like hearing that people other than my old roommate read my blog. Although I do love that you read my blog Anna, I like that other people read it too. :)

1 comment:

JulyDream said...

Love your list of tips!!! :D

Hoping we'll meet face to face in NYC at the Forte Foundation.

Paige =o)