Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh when will it be my turn!

I'm a bridesmaid this weekend. When will it be my turn to walk down the aisle in a big beautiful white fluffy dress with attendants and flowers and hundreds of guests!?! I can't wait!
NOT! I'm far from the big hoopla type but more about that later...

Getting married is like business school.
First comes the application process, otherwise known as dating. You try schools on, they try you, you interview, you visit, you meet the parents (application committee). You get to various stages in the process with different schools. If you're lucky your first choice loves you just as much as you love... it.
The time you're in class is the engagement. Trying out different courses (dresses), career paths, (locations) and fighting with your professors over grades or deadlines (developing a relationship with your in-laws.) That lucrative, fulfilling job is on the horizon but you have to take the time to prepare for it.
Graduation- the wedding day. You've prepped for it for quite some time and it only lasts for a few hours! The ceremony anyways, the big party after graduation could go on for days.
Then there's the honeymoon. For the lucky ones this is an extended period before the real world and the permanent job starts.
But the end goal of business school is to set you up for a fruitful career. As business school and graduation are just the beginning of your career adventures, the wedding is just the stepping stone. One day of a marriage.

Back to my own wedding wishes. Well, that's simple- when the time comes, I'm eloping. This weekend I'm participating in traditional weddingdom- Presbyterian church and all. Luckily the bridesmaid dress looks good on me and matches my eyes. Way to go bride! It ALMOST makes up for the fact that she told me around lunch today that I have to be in New Jersey 2 hours earlier than I thought I had to, thus causing me to rearrange my evening to get my car and forgo work altogether tomorrow to make sure I have enough time to drive up there. Almost. I get to start drinking at 8:30 am the day of the wedding so it will take some effort not to be drunk for the 2 pm ceremony. It's really not fair to give me champagne at 8:30 am and then expect me to go to church.

Next week I start at FINCA!


Princess of the Universe said...

I suggest doing a shot right before the ceremony. My favourite is butter ripple.

JulyDream said...

Love the analogy! :) Enjoy the wedding! I'm still trying to figure out how to logistically make a Labor Day wedding (Aug 31) that I'm in and be back in C'ville for an 8 am class Monday morning. OUCH!