Friday, May 23, 2008

Hello lover

Recently I've been pretty bored out of my mind. The recent addition of what I will deem, ahem, enhanced television service has not done anything to cure the boredom. My research job hasn't done anything to cure the boredom either, since I have been doing very little but reading sustainability/ CSR reports. This week I did start on something interesting- I'm researching and drafting a report on Corporate Councils, which my org is considering creating. It's pretty cool because I'm applying some of the things I learned in my Social Enterprise class about board development.
I love TV by the way. I've rediscovered the beauty of completely checking out from the world for a few hours. Obviously, the news is never part of my television routine. I of course find traveling to a different world via a good book much more gratifying than TV, but sadly I have not yet joined the public library and my current budget does not allow my old purchasing habits to continue. I'm rationing my last few unread books, but they are all non-fiction selections about international development and microfinance.
One of my favorite bloggers wrote about b school regrets. Now that the first year is done, it is a time for reflection on issues and mistakes starting with the choice to come to business school at all.
That was a good decision. I like business school. I love where business school is going to take me and the possibilities that it is opening up for me and the doors it is opening into my self-awareness of my skills and interests.
Was Georgetown a good decision?
I think so... otherwise known as so far, so good. There are some major frustrations, the main of which is that the school is in transition, physically and staffedly (yes, I made up a word there.) This year we brought in new Assistant Deans in Student Services, and daily life. This brings to mind the fact that I don't actually know Jett's title. Jett is the MBA hand of the Dean's office who lives with us in the Car Barn. He is definitely there longer than almost anyone else every day and is a great asset to the program. We also just hired a new head of admissions and a new head of career management. We're in a decrepit building waiting for a new building to be completed and my class may never have class in it although we were told it would be open for us our last semester.
But Georgetown is getting me where I want to be professionally and academically. I have taken a good balance of classes. I was very pleased with the Social Enterprise course this past semester and I have access to a good range of electives (though I would like better depth) next year. I have an internship at my top choice non-profit.
Do I like my classmates?
Statistically speaking, I like as large a percentage of my classmates as I feel I do of the general population. The issue in a b school class of 265 is there is no avoiding the people you do not particularly care for. Also, it was a bit weird coming back south. DC is not THE SOUTH, but it is the gateway and I was not as prepared to come down here as I thought I was. In the last 8 years I have turned into a bonafide northerner. I find it perfectly normal that none of my heterosexual friends in Boston are married and my gay coworker is. I liked being in a city where my college was respected and well known in all circles, not just political ones. Men shook my hand normally and never paid for my drinks up north. But why should they? I have a boyfriend, and they weren't him. Back to the handshaking- some of the men in my class tried to give me the girly handshake- only taking half my hand and shaking it in this weird cross between the beginning of a royal hand kiss and how you'd help your grandmother out of a carriage. It's a southern vestige of some kind. They have been corrected and most of them have taken it well.
Do I regret not going to a higher ranked school?
No, because I want to go into microfinance, and Georgetown's a great name in international development. If my career aims included a top consulting firm, I would probably be regretting my decision a little bit because I would get there but it would be really, really difficult. If they included investment banking or another top finance field, I wouldn't regret Georgetown at all. We rock at finance.
My boredom should be cured in the next few weeks with a trip to Orlando, Florida and a wedding where I am a bridesmaid. Not to mention, the most exciting entertainment of the summer season... the Sex and the City movie. I just love to hate Carrie Bradshaw... hello, lover.


Ray said...

So this is the great mbajamey I've heard so much about.

It's tough for me to say "good morning" to you in the CahBahn with a giant smile on my face seeing that i'm in a different time zone for the summer, but i do miss the "why the f*** is he so happy look" at 8 in the morning.

Hope all is well and I promise i won't post any spoilers about the Sex and the City movie. After all, it is a warner bros. film

Bridget Jones said...

Hi Jamey,
After finishing Year 1, i too have been assessing the pro/cons of the choices. I agree B school opens more doors, if you stay open to all the possibilities. I have observed that a few of my classmates are quite cynical. I also agree you can't like all of your classmates. I did think I was going to end up with a whole new set of BFFs in grad school like in undergrad, I realize now grad school is way too competitive for that!