Friday, May 2, 2008

Ahhhh, vacation. (1 year down, 1 to go)

I am done done DONE for the year! I finished my last exam Thursday afternoon, handed my half of my ethics paper to my groupmate with my signature confirming all the work was our own (he hadn't written his half, I trust him!) and proceeded to enjoy margaritas on the roof of the Car Barn. I followed that with drinks on the roof of a friend's apartment overlooking the city. There were some mini-kegs involved.DC doesn't have tall buildings thanks to the Washington Monument. I think I was actually trying to take a photo of my apartment building with my camera (I live 3 blocks from where I was), but then someone distracted me with pizza before I managed to take photos of the rest of the 360 view. I went home early and caught the 5 am train to Boston where I hung out with friends, went to all our favorite haunts (woo hoo BHP!) and generally had a great relaxing weekend. Yesterday I presented at FINCA with my Service Corp consulting team and then enjoyed a great dinner with my small group. I realized I don't have a single photo of the five of us together! Our group really was one of the best in our class. We all got along and worked together incredibly well and I will miss them next year! We all agreed that we will find each other in our electives next year...

Speaking of next year we had preregistration last week. I only got 4 out of 8 of my original class choices for next semester, which when I compared to my friends was TERRIBLY unlucky. Everyone else I know got between 6-8 of the classes they wanted. I really got 5/8 of my classes, as I managed to get into a different section for one of my original choices. I am staying on the waitlist for my 6th and 7th, and the 8th I wasn't wedded to in the first place. A new finance elective that I am interested opened yesterday, which I jumped at, and I also turned in the form for a microfinance elective offered in the school of foreign service I really want to take. So first semester (two modules) I will be taking:
Mergers & Acquisitions
Financial Services Management
Advanced Regression Analysis
International Finance
Advanced Marketing Strategy
Leading Organizational Change
Global Strategy
and something else...

I have a great summer to look forward to- I'm doing a fair bit of work at organizations I believe in, I'm in a wedding and I won't be moving!

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MaybeMBA said...

Vacation already? I am so envious - the semester system is nice like that. Enjoy!