Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm feeling the love.

I haven't posted about this yet, but I got an internship with my top choice organization for the summer- FINCA! I am working for another group (previously mentioned) for May and maybe a little into June, then I will start with FINCA. I came to b school to learn about microfinance and therefore am very VERY excited to be working for this org over the summer. Amusingly, since I got the FINCA offer Friday (and basically accepted it) I have received 3 more interview offers. However, I had to make things move quickly in order to secure funding for the summer. It would have been cool to say I had received X number of offers but that's being a little greedy. As it is, I did receive offers from 2 different groups at FINCA, so that is exciting!
The only reason I'm writing is that I am procrastinating studying for my LAST EXAM. SO CLOSE!!! Yet so far away... Friday at 5 am I will be on my way to Boston woo hoo!


Iday said...

Hey - congrats on BoB! and the internship too!!!

mbagladiator said...

congrats on the internship and congrats on being one of the top 3 mba blogs on the planet.