Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finals are driving me crazy. And my neighbor actually IS crazy.

It's finals week. As many others have felt before me- what the hell?? I'm almost halfway done with my MBA career. I didn't have a final today so it felt like the end of the worst 4 day weekend ever. Friday I conducted interviews for a consulting project I'm working on, then grabbed lunch with the bf, went to an accounting review session and met with the assistant head of career management. Saturday I was in the Car Barn for about 7 hours studying. I did manage to break up the monotony with a few hours studying on the roof with one of my teammates. It was quite nice outside and I enjoyed my brief foray into the outdoors. We finished the evening with a group dinner at Paolo's on Wisconsin Ave and then I went home and pretended to do work. I am starting to go a little stir crazy, but mostly just crazy because I have no idea whether or not I am prepared for this final tomorrow.
Speaking of crazy, my neighbor is kind of a nutter. He's currently having a Monday night party. He alternates between 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s nights. While I enjoy Beatles Thursdays, I wish he would play an entire album. He likes to play A song from each of these decades, on repeat, for about 3 hours on alternating nights. It's not every night so it becomes a mystery which night will produce which song. Besides the Beatles he also LOVES Nirvana.
He had a huge party Thursday and my boyfriend and I were having a hot night of... laundry fun. I go out in the hall and am waiting for the elevator and one of the revelers was sitting on the floor sort of slumped over. Then another party goer runs out into the hall. He was quickly pulled back into the apartment by my neighbor who says "come back in here! My neighbors already think I'm crazy!" Why oh why would he think that? Perhaps because last month we found him crouched next to our door with his laptop completely wasted talking about trying to find the internet?
Ah, city living.
Back to studying- only 3 more days of year one!

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