Sunday, April 13, 2008

Diversity Day

Last night was one of the best McDonough School of Business events of the year- Diversity Day! An evening of good food, a fashion show and cultural dancing display topped off a heavy social calendar this weekend. Here is some of the deliciousness I indulged in- and a photo of the crowd! I'm in it, but it's like playing Where's Waldo (Where's Wally if you're British, Où est Charlie? for the French, and Wo ist Walter? in Germany.)
Thanks to Sam for the photos!
The Georgetown MBAs, family and friends...
Empanadas! I'm glad they were mini ones because by the time I got to the Americas I was almost stuffed.

Indian food from a few of my favorite classmates.

Taiwan- I realized when I saw this photo I never made it to this table! But the dish on the left got particularly rave reviews.

Texas (There was a bumper sticker about Secession at the end of the table...)

Thursday night was the Annual Report viewing at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. The hour and a half long show was a compilation of skits mocking life at the Car Barn. It was a great reminder of the fun year behind us and the beginning of the official social end for the second years. There was lots of hugging and a whole lotta laughter. Friday was the spring formal at a beautiful waterfront locale, followed by a slightly less official event- the beer olympics. Complete with teams and prizes (I won't go into details for what) apparently it was much fun had by all. While copious amounts of beer was being drunk by my classmates, I was taking golf lessons with fellow members of the Graduate Women in Business club at the East Potomac Golf Course & Driving Range. It was the first time I had ever touched a real golf club (I don't count mini-golf). I wasn't half as bad as I thought I would be, and definitely enjoyed whacking the crap out of the golf ball. It was an excellent stress reliever, although I discovered muscles I had forgotten about when I woke up this morning. Last night was the aforementioned Diversity Day and this afternoon we had a Cohort 2 BBQ!

I managed to squeeze in a lot of work and date night with the bf this weekend, but tonight I am still faced with quite a bit of preparation for an ethics presentation tomorrow morning! We are presenting on organizational integrity and are only meeting as a group 30 minutes before the presentation. We have done everything else virtually! Ahh, 21st century technology can bring us together, but keeps us apart...

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