Monday, March 3, 2008

Leaping into spring break

The Class of 2009 finished our 2nd integrative- the business planning one, and leaped into spring break on February 29th! The business planning integrative week itself was a good experience, but the class we enrolled in this module was too disorganized for my taste. We heard a lot of interesting talks by real entrepreneurs over the course of the 6 weeks, which was perhaps one of the biggest value adds of the course. I am never going to start a premium tea delivery business (our team's idea)- for starters, there's no hockey stick in our financials. :) However, the class did cause me to explore business planning competitions I WOULD be interested in, such as the global social entrepreneurs competition. There's also a social entrepreneurship competition for Georgetown students only, but I don't have that one great idea yet!

Instead of traveling to an exotic location this year, I decided to stay in town for spring break and rediscover my love of DC. That, and I decided to move out of my parents' dwelling so now I need every cent of those loan checks! Lucky for me, quite a few of my friends decided not to travel this week either, so they were around to help me move! My old roommate from Boston was also in town, so we christened the new apartment by drinking large glasses of wine.

This week I signed up to work on research for a consulting project with an international development firm and am otherwise going to be a tourist. I pre-ordered tickets to visit the Washington monument and am also going to the National Gallery of Art. I am attending an international development conference on Wednesday. I also want to visit the Holocaust museum, but I have thus far been a bit too stressed to appreciate something like that museum. I heard it pretty much drains all happiness out of you.

I wanted to give a quick "shout out" (I don't give shout outs, thus I must put it in quotations) to Nicole's friends, who I am pleased mistook this blog for being written by her, and are therefore my readers. Yes, I twirl my hair as much as Nicole does! I also want to post my jealousy of these guys, who were in Miami instead of having to help me move. I don't hate them too much, because the futon they gave me is now residing in my living room.