Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What the ?!?!

The above subject is what goes through my head when I look at the work I still have left to do, and then the time, which is always swiftly approaching or flat out after midnight. Two projects of the evening: Booz Allen Case Competition Analysis and internship application. Today I applied to the Acumen Fund. Most of Acumen's internships specifically require investment analysis experience. I managed to find one in their HR department that I am actually qualified for and am taking the however-I-can-shove-my-foot-in-the-bloody-door, I will do it, approach.
I am also trying to find an apartment so that I can move out of my parents' house. With the bf arriving for a lengthy visit in 6 weeks the clock is ticking...

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Paige said...

Good luck. It's amazing how you turn around and the calendar is full. I did the same thing today - headed to C'ville/DC next week, meetings with my women's group, meetings with my volunteer group, happy hours, friends, planning... where does the time go? ;)