Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh happy day!

The happy day will be tomorrow, actually. I have one exam left in this third of four modules. At 3:45 tomorrow I will join my classmates for hours of revelry and alcohol. At least with those who can still bear the sight of alcohol after the Georgetown MBA sponsored U4 Basketball tournament party last weekend! And most importantly, my finance exam is done! While I highly doubt I passed with flying colors, I'm pretty confident I passed. I am now back to working on cover letters for internships. I have 6 in various stages of completion due in the next week. Somehow these are harder than the 8 page paper on negotiation I just finished...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

POMA numbers, Non-Profit Internship Fund & Catholic singles?

An eclectic title for an eclectic mix of news. Many exciting things have been going on with the 09s this module, and I am, as usual, in the thick of some of them.

An interesting academic development this module is the business planning class and forthcoming integrative. We attend meetings twice a week, once meeting with investment coaches and the other listening to lectures from entrepreneurs and faculty on creating a business plan and pitching it to investors. We had a great lecture two weeks ago from one of my favorite professors at MSB, Prof. Dahiya. He is my finance professor, and also provided the lecture on financing for our business planning class. He introduced an interesting concept entitled "POMA numbers" to describe the financial estimates on an imaginary bagel business plan. Straightfaced as always, Prof. Dahiya announces, now what are POMA numbers? Pulled out of my ass! HILARIOUS. Sandeep had another good moment in finance class where we were discussing the consequences of debt and how going into hock was not always a great idea, despite the tax benefits. He looks around the room and goes "who has seen Shakespeare In Love?" WHAT? Some of the guys, mostly with wives, were brave enough to admit they had, and the professor gave a detailed retelling of the some of opening scenes of the movie where the moneylender is burning the shoes of the theatre manager. I don't know where he gets this stuff. Most importantly, I think I will come out of this semester understanding the basics of finance, and better yet, almost be able to explain them to someone else. How well is yet to be determined!

Non-profit Internship Fund Auction
The last few weeks were an exciting race to the finish to put on the fantastic Non-profit Internship Fund Auction! My motives for joining this club were not quite pure, as I hope to receive money from the fund to support myself over the summer when I am, almost inevitably though be design, going to be working for a non-profit. I have applied to only 3 jobs that pay (yeah, consulting!) and have a slim chance of getting 1 or 2 of those. The payment for one of the 3 is $12/hr. I think I could make more than that babysitting.
Anyways, we put on a SMASHING auction off campus this year. The finger food was amazing, and included appetizers such as little bowls of mac and cheese and pieces of bacon. Yes, simply pieces of bacon. Also sliders, chicken quesadillas and steak on sticks. I love meat. There were some lovely veg appetizers too but I got a bit obsessed with the pieces of bacon. There was a lot of organizing to be done, and I must say that the phrase "I just work here" often came out of my mouth during the auction. The 2nd years did a lot of the work and made our lives quite easy. My contributions of an airport ride and mystery boxes did well enough, and I bought finance tutoring from a fellow SGA VP. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to auction off a friend of mine for a date. However, thanks to my initiative he is available to be viewed on In retaliation I was signed up for a different unnamed dating site. It was still worth it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Did you vote?

Today is the primary in Virginia, Maryland and DC. This means that after today I can look forward to a lack of silly political commercials until the general election.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Applications up up up!

Scuttlebutt (sp?) from friends in the admissions office say that applications are up up UP this year and that Georgetown gave out more acceptances first round than it ever has before. This goes along with general figures I have been reading in the b school news. All the more reason to apply early! Again, not that I would ever wish my insanity 8 1st round applications on anyone, but this year that seems like it would have been a very wise move. With the economy tanking I can imagine these numbers will rise next year as well.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What the ?!?!

The above subject is what goes through my head when I look at the work I still have left to do, and then the time, which is always swiftly approaching or flat out after midnight. Two projects of the evening: Booz Allen Case Competition Analysis and internship application. Today I applied to the Acumen Fund. Most of Acumen's internships specifically require investment analysis experience. I managed to find one in their HR department that I am actually qualified for and am taking the however-I-can-shove-my-foot-in-the-bloody-door, I will do it, approach.
I am also trying to find an apartment so that I can move out of my parents' house. With the bf arriving for a lengthy visit in 6 weeks the clock is ticking...