Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm baaaaaaack.

Well folks, I went on vacation! From school, from blogging, from the U.S... but now I'm back in the U.S. and back in class. This module I have the opportunity to take my first elective. Georgetown is a general management program so most of the classes during the first year are chosen for us.  During the second semester we have the opportunity to take two module long electives or one semester long elective.  This semester most of my classmates are taking Marketing Strategy, taught by arguably the best marketing prof on campus (I quote second years on this one...) he's the guy P&G asks you if you've taken a class with him. That sentence had grammar problems, but I'm not going to correct them.

Anyways, my top choice elective, Social Enterprise, is offered in the fourth module, so I needed another elective to fill out module 3. I did not feel comfortable enough to take a finance elective (I'm only halfway through the basic course) and settled on Negotiations. We get graded on how well we argue basically.
Another thing that is consuming my life is SGA elections. I am running for president and have been campaigning like crazy.  I have also been kicking my internship search into high gear, submitting applications and visiting development employers.  This leaves academics a distant fourth in my current list of priorities. (The bf was visiting, so he stole the immediate #1 spot.) I have my first operations case write-up due tomorrow, along with my first macroeconomics case write-up.  I also have a finance case due Thursday! 
What I am really looking forward to is Karaoke night on Friday, hosted by the Japan Club.  We have make up classes on Friday because of Martin Luther King Day Monday the 21st, so a night of drunken singing with my classmates sounds like the ideal end to the week. 

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