Tuesday, January 29, 2008

FT rankings, auctioning the SGA president, and other McDonough School of Business events

So a fellow blogger out there in blogosphere was lamenting her school's drop in the newly published FT rankings. I thought, oh crap, better check Georgetown! Georgetown basically held our position, which is a respectable 38 in the entire world. I put relatively more stock more in rankings ranges than absolute ranking numbers. Also, I must chuckle that the FT tries to cram every UK b school as high as statistically possible on the rankings test.
I have performed my own slightly less scientific test of Georgetown's reputation while in the UK. This test consisted of me asking whomever I happened to be standing next to at the time if they had heard of Georgetown. Now, granted this test was performed over several alcohol infused nights in Cambridge at one college's events but the results were quite positive. From what I remember approximately 85% of respondents had heard of Georgetown and had a favorable impression. Another 5% had heard of it but couldn't remember why. One offered "Bill Clinton?" My study is likely skewed by the politeness of the grad students, although I did often press people who did not follow up with "in Washington, right?" The test population was also heavily populated by South Africans and Brits, as my boyfriend has a freakish lot of both in his college at Cambridge. Overall I can say that Georgetown is well enough known by educated society in the UK. Or a tiny little corner of it.

Today was the official handover from the old to the new SGA board. It was complete with a key "ceremony" where the new officers were each given a key to the closet of an SGA office. This week I am pushing to get my career in order, meeting with 2nd years, getting names, and passing on my resume to anyone who pauses. Do any of my readers work at USAID?

In completely different news, the non-profit internship fund auction is happening in less than two weeks! Like many other b schools, we at the McDonough School of Business have a club dedicated to helping students who want to work in unpaid (mostly government and non-profit) internships to afford to do so. Yes, that would be me. I am helping with donations, as I clearly hope to benefit from the fund. Our big event of the year is an auction, complete with live and silent bids, drinks and food. I have secured our SGA president, Mat, to auction off "Pizza with the Prez" where he takes people out to a favorite M Street dining establishment- Pizzeria Paradiso. They do a decent gourmet pizza, but more importantly have an excellent selection of beers. I have also convinced the VP of Social to donate Chinese lessons and dinner. Or if an eligible lady just wants dinner... something can be arranged. ;) Yes, I have a boyfriend so I need to meddle in the love life of others. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match! Find me a find, catch me a catch! As I am quoting Fiddler on the Roof in my blog, I would say it's time to go to sleep. I managed to finish the entire (I hope) finance homework for the first time this module so it will be a deeply satisfying sleep.


Paige said...

I must admit, I chuckled a little as I read "matchmaker..." Is it even possible to read it without the showtune in the back? ;)

m@ said...

you still wanna talk nonprofit shop, yeah? :)

Ray said...

oh dear. you're convincing everyone to auction themselves off as a date. you should auction yourself. cough.