Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So busted.

Today my mind was running about an hour late for life. I got to school at 9:30 and met with my study group to work on a case for Miller that is due tomorrow. In case I have not mentioned this before "get it done" is our motto. We even had our Korean group member translate it for us so we can speak the group motto in several languages. We had a productive group meeting but at 11 am I still needed to further review finance. I am unnecessarily unnerved by this class. I usually know what I'm talking about but am unmotivated to participate because I know I am surrounded by future bankers who NEED that class to go well in order to propel them into future financial greatness. Or at least a decent internship. I decided today was participation day. I had my hand raising strategy down, but I wanted to re-read the material that went with the homework to confirm my thoughts. I also decided to cram a bit more study time for our quant. methods test in. These two items came at the expense of accounting. Now, as previously mentioned, I am a cohort rep. Our accounting professor, bless his heart, is the nicest man alive. However, he utilizes the cohort reps quite a bit more than any of the other professors. Before I didn't go to class today I said to my group, I just know something is going to come up and he will look around the room and I will just not be there. And so it was. The social rep emailed me during class to relay the information. Sigh. My group members justifiably gave me quite a hard time about that one. Apparently he was looking around the room repeating my name and I... was just not there. I suppose I do not have a bright future in accounting anyways!

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