Monday, October 8, 2007


As I mentioned in my previous post, I just spent two days at the National Society of Hispanic MBAs annual conference in Houston, Texas. (Don't mess with it.) There were 7000 people registered so I went two whole days without seeing many of my fellow Georgetown attendees! For some reason the people I ran into the most went to Thunderbird and Darden.
A lot of the marketing folks got interviews, including one of the other Georgetown MSB Forte Fellows who got interviews with all her top choices, and was also taken out to dinner!
I was invited and attended the two receptions I was aiming for. My fellow Georgetown consultant wannabes also scored the same invites, so it was nice to schmooze amongst friendly faces. Target threw the big open bash of Friday night, but I waited too long to get in line and left before getting in. Saturday I mainly practiced my pitch and visited some booths that I hadn't made it to the day before. I finished around lunch time, changed out of my suit and accomplished one of my most clearly defined goals of the weekend: eating some goooood Texas BBQ! Aforementioned marketing friend, me, and a half-British woman who had never had bbq before headed to Goode Company Texas Barbeque. I had the two meat combo dinner platter that came with two "vegetable choices." The veg choices included coleslaw, potato salad, pinto beans, black beans and Texas jambalaya (which had pieces of pork in it.) One of my friends found a piece of bbq in her coleslaw. After stuffing ourselves silly we headed back to the hotel, did a little work, then caught a flight back to DC.
It was an exhausting weekend, and my earbuds and hairbrush were casualties of the rush, but I'm glad I went. I practiced networking and generally enjoyed a bit of Houston!

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