Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Making an Impact

"Too much! Too much!" My life is in overload right now, which is the main reason I have been absent for a few weeks. After visiting the bf in England for a week, I returned to DC, refreshed and ready for Module 2! This Mod it's Accounting Part 2 (a direct continuation), Quantitative Methods 2 (a divergence from statistics into more operations), Finance I, Marketing and Management Communication. My cohort has a brutal schedule- with Quantitative Methods, Accounting and Finance all on the same day. At least those classes are Tuesday/ Thursdays. I get to ease into the week with Marketing on Monday mornings. Nothing is really wowing me this term, but that was to be expected given my career interests. I will certainly learn a lot this term at least!
Out of all my classes, Management Communication is fun. We all have to speak on a prepared topic in every class and in addition a few of us have to give an impromptu speech. We're randomly picked and have a minute to prepare a 75 second speech on a topic. However, the professor doesn't pick the speaker until AFTER the prep time, so he sends the entire class into panic mode for a full minute after announcing each topic. It's great fun.
Outside the classroom, last week our chapter of Net Impact had the first (appropriately titled) McDonough School of Business Net Impact Day. It consisted of panels on CSR/ corporate giving, microfinance and social enterprise, and different paths to a non-profit related job. The microfinance panel was of particular interest for me.
This week is the NAWMBA (women MBA) conference at the University of Maryland. Georgetown, in our typical inclusive form, is bringing at least three men. They're a bit nervous, as they should be, but I think it will be a great experience for them.
I have a my first marketing case due tomorrow! I should get to work on that. Last night I went bowling for our SGA "retreat" so I didn't get a whole lot done. :)

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