Friday, October 5, 2007

I may look awake, but inside I'm asleep.

It's NSHMBA conference time! The world of the MBA is filled with wonderful acronyms. NSHMBA is the National Hispanic MBA Association. After my last class of module one yesterday afternoon I got on a plane to Houston, along with about 20-30 of my classmates to come to the national conference. The other 80ish Georgetown attendees were scattered throughout various flights. I have to finish getting ready for a loooong day of meeting company representatives and giving my pitch.... "Hello, I'm Hairtwirler, I have a background in...." Hopefully I won't fall asleep waiting in line.


Anna said...

the viv is at the conference too....i didn't realize it was non-hispanics?

m@ said...

Didja meet any Rossers there? I texted a classmate of mine and asked her how interviews were going. Her response? "Hell."

embasurvival said...

It's true that many non-hispanic MBA students from Rice went to the conference.