Thursday, October 11, 2007

I love fall... but I hate leggings.

I walked to the train station this morning and stopped for a moment to appreciate the crunching of leaves beneath my feet. It was 92 degrees yesterday and the leaves are starting to die without really changing colors, thanks to a summer drought. But I still enjoyed the crunch. Unfortunately fall seems to be heralding the return of leggings. I don't know what I have against leggings really. Perhaps it is some repressed memory from elementary school when my leggings/ scrunched sock combo was just not cool enough. Perhaps it is a natural abhorrence of many things spandex. One can only guess at the origins of my loathing. At any rate, I can't stand them and noticed at least two separate pairs on the metro.
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In MBA related news I am over halfway done with finals!! We have one paper and four finals for module one, and we are through two exams, with Strategy and Accounting left to go. Accounting is technically a midterm, as it is a semester long class, but it counts for about a quarter of our grade. I think I have done OK so far. Because our grades are curved and I am not going into i-banking or corporate finance I will feel guilty if I manage more than a B+ in any of my classes because I know that someone else had to get below a B+. On the other hand, I would like something to balance my inevitable B- in accounting. It has been a looooong week, but I just have to hang on until Friday when the SGA is sponsoring a BBQ and the South Asian Business Alliance is sponsoring a party at a local club.


SM said...

Nice blog...I'm a prospective Georgetown MBA student, is there a way I can get in touch with you?

HairTwirler said...

jamey1 at gmail dot com

I am always willing to email with anyone who has questions!

Liz said...

I wear leggings.
Your friend Liz