Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Making an Impact

"Too much! Too much!" My life is in overload right now, which is the main reason I have been absent for a few weeks. After visiting the bf in England for a week, I returned to DC, refreshed and ready for Module 2! This Mod it's Accounting Part 2 (a direct continuation), Quantitative Methods 2 (a divergence from statistics into more operations), Finance I, Marketing and Management Communication. My cohort has a brutal schedule- with Quantitative Methods, Accounting and Finance all on the same day. At least those classes are Tuesday/ Thursdays. I get to ease into the week with Marketing on Monday mornings. Nothing is really wowing me this term, but that was to be expected given my career interests. I will certainly learn a lot this term at least!
Out of all my classes, Management Communication is fun. We all have to speak on a prepared topic in every class and in addition a few of us have to give an impromptu speech. We're randomly picked and have a minute to prepare a 75 second speech on a topic. However, the professor doesn't pick the speaker until AFTER the prep time, so he sends the entire class into panic mode for a full minute after announcing each topic. It's great fun.
Outside the classroom, last week our chapter of Net Impact had the first (appropriately titled) McDonough School of Business Net Impact Day. It consisted of panels on CSR/ corporate giving, microfinance and social enterprise, and different paths to a non-profit related job. The microfinance panel was of particular interest for me.
This week is the NAWMBA (women MBA) conference at the University of Maryland. Georgetown, in our typical inclusive form, is bringing at least three men. They're a bit nervous, as they should be, but I think it will be a great experience for them.
I have a my first marketing case due tomorrow! I should get to work on that. Last night I went bowling for our SGA "retreat" so I didn't get a whole lot done. :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On the other side of the pond.

I'm visiting the bf in jolly ole England this week. It's rainy and 50 degrees out and I'm a bit jet lagged. I'm not sure if I'm going into London on this trip, which hopefully will cut down on a few costs. Thanks to the horrible exchange rate my return bus ticket from Heathrow to Cambridge cost about $70. Ouch. Tonight we'll be dining at one of my favorite quick eats spots- Pizza Express. It's so cheesy but I like it! Cambridge is a cute town and some of the colleges are magnificent. Best of luck to my classmates who are off on various treks- Wall Street Week, Marketing Trek and Consulting Trek exploring their futures! Net Impact Day is next week, which is my opportunity to get a great glimpse at all the non-profit opportunities in the DC area.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I love fall... but I hate leggings.

I walked to the train station this morning and stopped for a moment to appreciate the crunching of leaves beneath my feet. It was 92 degrees yesterday and the leaves are starting to die without really changing colors, thanks to a summer drought. But I still enjoyed the crunch. Unfortunately fall seems to be heralding the return of leggings. I don't know what I have against leggings really. Perhaps it is some repressed memory from elementary school when my leggings/ scrunched sock combo was just not cool enough. Perhaps it is a natural abhorrence of many things spandex. One can only guess at the origins of my loathing. At any rate, I can't stand them and noticed at least two separate pairs on the metro.
For more on this subject visit my favorite Fug Girls.
In MBA related news I am over halfway done with finals!! We have one paper and four finals for module one, and we are through two exams, with Strategy and Accounting left to go. Accounting is technically a midterm, as it is a semester long class, but it counts for about a quarter of our grade. I think I have done OK so far. Because our grades are curved and I am not going into i-banking or corporate finance I will feel guilty if I manage more than a B+ in any of my classes because I know that someone else had to get below a B+. On the other hand, I would like something to balance my inevitable B- in accounting. It has been a looooong week, but I just have to hang on until Friday when the SGA is sponsoring a BBQ and the South Asian Business Alliance is sponsoring a party at a local club.

Monday, October 8, 2007


As I mentioned in my previous post, I just spent two days at the National Society of Hispanic MBAs annual conference in Houston, Texas. (Don't mess with it.) There were 7000 people registered so I went two whole days without seeing many of my fellow Georgetown attendees! For some reason the people I ran into the most went to Thunderbird and Darden.
A lot of the marketing folks got interviews, including one of the other Georgetown MSB Forte Fellows who got interviews with all her top choices, and was also taken out to dinner!
I was invited and attended the two receptions I was aiming for. My fellow Georgetown consultant wannabes also scored the same invites, so it was nice to schmooze amongst friendly faces. Target threw the big open bash of Friday night, but I waited too long to get in line and left before getting in. Saturday I mainly practiced my pitch and visited some booths that I hadn't made it to the day before. I finished around lunch time, changed out of my suit and accomplished one of my most clearly defined goals of the weekend: eating some goooood Texas BBQ! Aforementioned marketing friend, me, and a half-British woman who had never had bbq before headed to Goode Company Texas Barbeque. I had the two meat combo dinner platter that came with two "vegetable choices." The veg choices included coleslaw, potato salad, pinto beans, black beans and Texas jambalaya (which had pieces of pork in it.) One of my friends found a piece of bbq in her coleslaw. After stuffing ourselves silly we headed back to the hotel, did a little work, then caught a flight back to DC.
It was an exhausting weekend, and my earbuds and hairbrush were casualties of the rush, but I'm glad I went. I practiced networking and generally enjoyed a bit of Houston!

Friday, October 5, 2007

I may look awake, but inside I'm asleep.

It's NSHMBA conference time! The world of the MBA is filled with wonderful acronyms. NSHMBA is the National Hispanic MBA Association. After my last class of module one yesterday afternoon I got on a plane to Houston, along with about 20-30 of my classmates to come to the national conference. The other 80ish Georgetown attendees were scattered throughout various flights. I have to finish getting ready for a loooong day of meeting company representatives and giving my pitch.... "Hello, I'm Hairtwirler, I have a background in...." Hopefully I won't fall asleep waiting in line.