Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Point, Counterpoint: You know, microeconomics provides a useful framework for studying business... Versus I Hate You, I Hate You, I Hate You.

You know, microeconomics provides an incredibly useful framework for studying business. Microeconomics is an integral part of your MBA degree and will help you analyze supply and demand in order to make effective market entry and exit decisions. It can also help you determine both the marginal cost AND the marginal revenue of your firm and the market. If you ask me, this subject is so useful you should be spending less time on accounting and strategy and really concentrate on learning microeconomics. We're moving into a very exciting part of microeconomics- perfect competition! Now most economics textbooks think that you should study perfect competition first. If you ask me, that is hogwash. Yes, I just said hogwash. Monopolistic competition provides a much better framework to start a beginning economics class, don't you agree?
Most people think that economics is just a set of useless theories, but they're wrong! Please do stop by my office hours if you'd like to chat some more about microeconomic theory.

Is that right? Does microeconomics provide a useful framework for analyzing business problems? That midterm exam was horrible. I can't believe you're standing at the front of the room telling me I should have finished the first three problems in five minutes.
I Hate You, I hate you, I hate you.
While microeconomics may be useful for analyzing business problems, I no longer care. I wish I could walk out of class, but then my grade and my future ability to get a job where I have to talk intelligently about economic principles may be affected. Although that midterm might have done enough damage to my GPA to kill all hopes of a lucrative career in the financial sector.
No, I don't want to stop by your office hours. I am desperately clinging to my last vestiges of concentration to stay awake in this class. Any more discussion of microeconomics might send me into an unrecoverable coma. It's # o'clock, I'm outta here!

Note: I don't really hate my economics prof, he's quite a good prof. He also has a great sense of humor which is why I hope he'll appreciate this spoof of one of my favorite Onion articles EVER.

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Does he read your blog. You should ask him to post a comment. That would be a great blog entry with comments.