Thursday, September 20, 2007

Of cell phones

THE most annoying thing that can happen in class is for someone's cell phone to go off. This only happened maybe once or twice during the first week of class and hasn't been a problem since. Now, many people (such as myself) only get service in some parts of the Car Barn 2nd floor, where we MBA students live at Georgetown. So even if you forget to turn off your phone, if you have class on one side of the hallway, you may not have service anyways. For some reason yesterday was cell phone incident day.
As a side note- I have had relatively few embarrassing cell phone problems in my life. Two weeks ago was one of them. I walked into an accounting pre-test after most of my class (as in half of the 270 people) were already seated and took out my pencil. No sooner had I started on problem one than my cell phone started ringing. I then proceeded to say "Oh crap!" very loudly, further distracting my classmates before turning off the offending phone.

Yesterday. I went to a semi-corporate presentation for the Wall Street Without Walls org, which works to provide investment banking services to community based and community development organizations. It deals in structured finance to help rate paper and connect wall street to these small orgs. Georgetown MBA folk are usually heavily involved given our proximity, interest in finance and interest in helping people. A classmate sat there texting for about half the presentation. I didn't judge as I hoped it was something important, but as I was giving up talking to my significant other while at the presentation I had difficulty understanding what was so critical. Eventually the individual stopped texting but then someone texted him back... and his crackberry was on full volume! It was quite embarrassing for the group as a whole, luckily the presenter just ignored it.

Also yesterday, my accounting professor was in mid-lecture when someone's phone started ringing. He froze, then hastily started digging around in his pocket- HIS phone was the one going off! He was a bit embarrassed but turned the phone quickly and proceeded with the lecture.

So although my classmate should have been a bit more discrete about his texting, even professors sometimes forget to turn off their phones so we can all stand to be a little forgiving.

This moral brought to you by a tired yet amused HairTwirler.

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