Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm a bartending cohort rep

So in the past week I have been a tad busy. I decided to run for cohort representative, which involved a quick week turnaround between the interest meeting and elections. Everyone voted yesterday, and we found out before our first class today that I was elected cohort representative! Each entering MBA class at Georgetown has four cohorts of about 65-70 people. The cohorts each elect one representative to serve on the SGA executive board. We work to ensure that the first year career services, curriculum, social (etc) needs are being met.
Oh yeah, and the day we find out we are elected, we have SGA bartending night. Today was a bit crazy. I got to the car barn around 9:30 and sat at a table collecting donations for our class service project, collecting school supplies for DC schools. I had class from 11:40 to 4, then had a break before a corporate presentation (changed into a suit) by Booz Allen Hamilton. I then went back to the car barn, changed back into hang out clothing and then headed to Rhino Bar on M Street. I grabbed a bite, and listened to bar tender training! We basically just learned what alcohol we were NOT allowed to serve. The party was awesome. We had a great turnout and the Class of 2009 beat the first years in a boatrace. (The drinking game...) The 2009 Cohort reps had the last shift of bartending which was a riot. I was happy to see so many of my classmates out and getting a little wild- I won't go into detail here. :)

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