Saturday, September 15, 2007

Georgetown... past present and future

I made a great new discovery on Thursday morning. I so rarely leave the car barn (home to the business school) during the school day, it was a bit of a change to have the time to hang out in the Leavey Center for a few hours. I popped into the Leavey Center (Georgetown's student center) and went into the convenience store run by the undergrads. The undergrads are an enterprising bunch and run a convenience store called Vital Vittles and a coffee shop called Uncommon Grounds. It turns out that Vital Vittles sells fresh salads and sandwiches prepared by four different Georgetown shops. I had a delicious gyro for lunch and settled down with an iced tea to work on my organizational behavior homework. I stared out the window and to my left saw the Jesuit graveyard tucked away in the middle of campus and to my right I observed construction on the new McDonough School of Business building! The class of 2009 is supposed to be in the building second semester next year if all stays on schedule.

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