Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where am I?

I haven't posted in a week. There is a simple reason for this. I am FREAKING EXHAUSTED. The Class of 2009 is currently at the National Conference Center in Virginia where we are being run (literally... more on that later) ragged. We are participating in a live case study sponsored by FedEx. The Georgetown MBA has several week long course called "integratives" where we are supposed to integrate knowledge learned in the classroom into a real life business situation. Later integratives include creating a new business idea and the global integrative consulting project during your second year. This is the international business integrative introducing us to a global business and each other! Now, before this week we have had three days of orientation and about half the class attended statistics class before that. We, as a whole, have no knowledge from the classroom. This week they threw us into the deep end with 7-8 other people, a life support kit, and a deflated raft. To follow the analogy- we have to figure out how to inflate the raft, use the life support kit, and help group members swim through certain sections. We have a few readings, lectures and talks by FedEx Kinkos execs to answer business questions and compete in an NCAA style case tournament. (We're not seeded!) My group is functioning well and got really intense and into the competition all of the sudden during our second meeting. As a group we have a ridiculous amount of energy and ideas, which we are learning/attempting to organize effectively.

Onto the running. This afternoon we had something called The Great FedEx Race. With your team (split up into twos and threes) you were sent all over the national conference center to collect puzzle pieces that eventually ended up being a photo of Georgetown and the Potomac River. The race functioned like the original hub and spoke model of FedEx where we had to come back to "Memphis" (a central lecture room) after each pick-up and show the puzzle piece before receiving our next geographic location. My team lost, even though we put forth a good effort of sprinting (ahem, I mean walking fast) around the NCC, turning in circles, stacking chairs, swimming across a pool while holding up a tennis ball and other such feats.

Tomorrow we pretty much work on the case presentation all day and the competition starts mid-afternoon. Tomorrow night we have a faculty-student volleyball game, which the faculty has won for the past five or six years. There is a trophy and much gloating involved. We had a random draw, certified by one of our classmates and one of the professors, who are both CPAs.

I am going to grab a bite before what I'm sure will be a long meeting session later this evening. And then, I hope, a few glasses of wine with my classmates!

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