Saturday, June 23, 2007

When in Rome...(or India)

I just left McLeod Ganj, or as I have been calling it to family, friends, and other backpackers... Dalailamaland. Home to the Tibetan government in exile and a large population of refugees, Dharamsala and McLeod Ganj are little pockets of Tibetan culture in India. It is to the credit of India as a nation and a reflection of the strength of India's democracy and freedom of religion that this community can exist and thrive. Although I attended a yoga class, I do not see myself suddenly becoming interested in taking up Buddhist philosophy. However, I will say that these monks are definitely onto something- they are all so happy!

Before McLeod Ganj I have resisted the temptation to go vegetarian while traveling mainly because I love meat. I love Indian food with meat. I find nothing in this world tastier than a big juicy steak. I own this shirt. You get the picture. However, I am now on meatless day 5. I'm not quite sure what to think really. I haven't noticed a change in energy levels or overall well being and I fully intend to have a reindeer steak shortly after arriving in Finland, but Tibetan vegetarian food was just so tasty I think I am going to stick to eating momos and veg Italian food for as long as possible before descending from the mountains. I suppose the vegetarianism in town did rub off a bit. Yum.

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Hobbes said...

Momos rock! Period! :D

Hellos and Good to hear u had a great India visit.

Came here from some other blog. SO where u matriculating?