Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Oh right, MBA stuff

The only bad thing about traveling all summer is the pre-school activities I will be missing. I am missing the Forte Fellows event in a few weeks, which is disappointing but I would not have changed my India plans for it even if I had known earlier. I am also missing the career workshop, the first assignment from Georgetown. The email I received only listed workshops in the US. I wonder if I am on the domestic mailing list and if there are any international workshops... at any rate I can complete it online but it won't be the same as meeting classmates! I tried to pack in as many Gtown events as possible before I left the U.S. so I know I will recognize a few faces when I start. I'm pretty sure I took care of my loans, email accounts, etc. as well, although I received mail at my address in Boston up to the day before I left. Ah well. I have a very responsible law student sublettor who will hopefully keep my mail for me as promised.
One of my Boston friends took the GMAT the week I packed up which gave me flashbacks to last summer and reminded me that the great circle of life that is the application season is now back to the beginning. My conversations with her and another friend is part of what led me to start this blog about six months ago so I hope that she has a successful application season as I did! Best wishes to everyone out there taking the GMAT, writing essays, etc. Keep calm, stay cool, and you'll do fine.

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