Saturday, June 16, 2007

Back to Delhi

After a whirlwind trip and travel from Goa to Mumbai to Jaipur to Agra, (yes the Taj is gorgeous) we came back to Delhi to regroup and reclaim our stomachs before heading up to the mountains. Day one we basically crashed although I did venture through the bazaar by our cheapo hotel without being tempted to purchase anything. Many hawkers post "fixed price" signs in this particular bazaar at the heart of backpacker hotel heaven. Fixed prices at an open market quickly makes me lose interest and I ambled across the street to the train station where I was physically blocked from entering by three different touts who attempted to direct me to the "official tourist office" (i.e. their commission paying office) across the street. I am not a fan of the touts who attempt to physically intimidate me so I chose to simply say ahh, thank you, turn around and walk 10 feet to one side of them and try again. On the third attempt I managed to dodge the touts and actually enter the station and find the tourist booking office. Unfortunately I left a critical piece of info at the hotel so it was all for naught and I had to return the next morning. The phrase "you're looking for the tourist office?!" has become a joke of the trip. We have only ever looked for the tourist office once, in Delhi, and we had a map.

Yesterday was consumed by taking care of business- train tickets purchase, doctor's visit, nice Italian lunch, shopping at the Oxford bookstore, starting on the assigned math prep. I may have my accounting text ordered to Delhi so that I can study in Finland. The bookstore was as close to American style Borders and Barnes and Nobles as you can get. I love bookstores, and can spend hours in them. A chef for Park restaurant was doing a mango demonstration- showing recipe development and taking questions about different varieties and ingredients that complement mangos. I had no idea India produced so many different varieties. I ended up being one of the audience members interviewed by several camera crews for who-knows-what specialty programs about my thoughts on mangos. Interviewing for business school was a piece of cake compared to coming up with coherent feelings about mangos. I do like mangos though... ironically I haven't seen any mangos in fruit stands.

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