Monday, May 14, 2007

Stamped, sealed and ready to go

No, I'm not talking about Georgetown. Besides turning in my deposit I have done approximately nothing to prepare myself for the upcoming year. That is part of the reason I'm going to math camp. I really don't want to spend all summer reading accounting and statistics books. Which leads me to what I AM doing this summer- my passport came back with my Indian visa this weekend! After this summer my passport will officially have no blank pages left and a paltry three blank spaces for stamps. I haven't even traveled that much, but the U.S. government is stingy with passport pages so I'll have to get a new one sometime in the upcoming year- a full four years before the thing expires.


Sudha said...

hey, I think I remember you saying you r going to be visiting Nepal (and Delhi?) and the like. any plans of coming down south?

HairTwirler said...

Yes, we've decided to go to Goa. We're hoping to beat the monsoon but if not it will still be a nice side trip! We're flying down a few days after we get to Delhi. Undecided on how we will get back up the coast.

Anna said...

i think you can add pages to your current passport